About Us

The Children Helpers Foundation Empowers Orphaned, Neglected and Trafficked Children Through Education.

The Children Helpers Foundation is a Non- Governmental Organization established in 2002 with the aim of helping to alleviate poverty among  at-risk kids through quality education and skills training (apprenticeships).

We believe all children, regardless of gender, ethnic or religious background, have a right to an education. We want that education to be character building, intellect expanding and one that provides an opportunity to stand on one’s own feet…We are building communities and futures. As a charitable organization, we do this work through the support of both local and international donors.

How We Operate:

(1) We identify orphans and neglected kids in the local communities. 

(2) We arrange proper medical care, protection, education and skills training for the kids. 

(3) They are placed in main stream schools and skill training and development programs.

(4) We provide for the school fees, feeding, uniforms, tools, books and other learning materials.

(5) We seek funding to support the foundation.

(6) Collaborate with/partner organizations to ensure quality programming.

(7) Engage in for profit ventures to generate income in support of the foundation. Currently the Children Helpers Farm contributes one third of the operating expenses of the care and feeding of 25 orphans.